5 Zero Waste Bathroom Upgrades That Are Worth Every Penny

There are several things I love about the bathroom.  Besides bathroom humor (the best kind), hot showers, and satisfying eyebrow tweezing, the bathroom is a great place to start if you want to begin the odyssey of reducing plastic your consumption.  Between shower and body products, cleaning supplies and body grooming implements, plastic runs rampant.  As a former lover of products of any kind, I would like to toot my own horn a little bit on how much I have been able to cut down in the bathroom.  For women especially, it seems like a big undertaking to cut down on what we are using on our bodies.  Deep conditioning, eye cream, hair removal, blonde shampoo, body lotions- the marketers and advertisers push hard for women to feel like they need a million different items keep our bodies groomed to societal standards.  Just ask me and the 10+ curly hair products that were living in my bathroom.

This post is probably a "Level 2" in terms of where you might be on your sustainability journey in the bathroom.  If you would like to check out a more "beginner friendly" guide I did last summer, read that blog post here.  I just went back to re-read it, and it's kind of cool to see how I have progressed in a year.  Another good reminder that it really is about starting out with small, consciously convenient swaps and then progressing if you feel motivated to do so.  

You don't have to have all of my other suggestions implemented before potentially trying out the items I am about to recommend.  A couple are a little more costly, and I do have one repeat from my previous post as well.  Without further ado, here are the zero waste bathroom upgrades I think are worth every penny:


Oh man, this one is great.  I hated using disposable razors because of the cost and the constant waste.  I tried a regular safety razor and shaving my legs felt like a bloodbath waiting to happen.  On a safety razor, the head does not pivot- making for some very scary scenarios depending on where you are shaving.  The Leaf razor combines the pivoting head and ease of use of a disposable razor plus the eco-friendliness of a safety razor.  You just pop in new blades as necessary and dispose of the used blades in the box provided.  You can then send the blades back to Leaf for recycling or find a facility near you.  The one caveat- this razor is pricey.  If you purchase the starter bundle with everything you need, you will be paying a little over $100.  I know, it seems crazy for a razor, BUT you can do what I did and ask for it for a birthday gift, or think about how much you really spend on disposable razor cartridges.  I was using the Venus razor and you're paying up to $25 depending on how many refills you get.  Not to mention the plastic with the packaging and the razor heads.  Upgrade your razor game and invest in the Leaf!  



You might be wondering when I will shut up about my stupid bidet already.  Sorry!  Ain't happening!  The first bidet seed that was planted in my brain was the result of a podcast I listened to and the guest was Miki Agrawal, founder of Thinx period underwear and Tushy bidet company.  Listening to her speaking about breaking taboo topics and providing products that made sense for the consumer and the environment had me on my computer buying new undies and thinking hard about the bidet.  A few months later, my cousin was telling me that he got a bidet and loved it.  It was the nudge I needed to purchase.  I ended up purchasing my Brondell bidet from Amazon per my cousin's recommendation, but I'm kinda bummed I didn't get a Tushy because they use part of their profits to build community toilets in India, where the people have unsafe sanitary conditions.  I always love a company that supports social justice issues.  

This bathroom upgrade will run you anywhere from $30-$60+ depending on what brand and kind of bidet attachment you purchase, but I can't emphasize enough- TOTALLY worth it.  If you're anything like me, after having your bidet for awhile you will have the opinion that wiping with paper is antiquated, dirty, messy, and generates so much unnecessary waste (plus, hellloooo deforestation).  Your butt will always feel clean, the install is easy, and you can become a bidet pusher like yours truly!  I won't rest until every household has a bidet!  A presidential candidate should add that to their campaigning, I would so be on board.  



This one is a repeat from my previous blog post on zero waste bathroom swaps, but I added it to this list too, mostly due to my frequency of use and it does have a slightly higher cost than regular floss.  I floss on the daily (dentist's dream patient right here) and that leads to a lot of little plastic floss holders plus plastic floss getting thrown in the trash.  No more!  This brand (Wowe), uses sustainability harvested silk, but there are many brands you can find that are vegan and biodegradable as well.  The higher price is worth it for me, knowing that my daily floss and packaging won't be filling the landfills and oceans for all of eternity.  



What's the point of writing a whole blog post if you don't get to engage in a little shameless self promotion?  Amiright?! I think 'Stay Woke' body scrub and 'Vanilla Dream' deodorant should totally be zero waste staples in your bathroom!  All packaging is sanitized and upcycled, and a portion of profits is donated to The Honeybee Conservancy, a badass non-profit that not only works to protect pollinators, but also has initiatives to get healthy, organic food to underserved communities.  Why I love the body scrub: it smells like a peppermint cookie and effectively exfoliates using two kinds of sugar and organic coffee grounds.  I bet you won't even need lotion when you get out of the shower, because your skin will be super soft from the coconut oil and vitamin E oil blend!  It's amazing all year round, but especially in the summer when our skin is dried out from extra sun and being at the pool.  I can't forget the 'Vanilla Dream' deodorant.  Not only is my mom a huge fan, but I promise other people are, too.  A little dab goes a long way.  This deodorant has kept pits stink free during gym workouts, hikes, hot yoga, pickle ball, and outdoor walks.  All without aluminum, fragrances, or other irritating and potentially harmful ingredients.  Trust me and a bunch of other people- it's legit.    


Remember, sustainability is all about taking baby steps.  Kind of like with anything in life!  It is one choice that can snowball into bigger efforts and bigger results.  I remind you of this because it also helps me remind myself.  I am a victim of overwhelm when I see news stories and doom and gloom articles regarding the state of our planet and how much we have to work on as a society.  However, we can only control ourselves and our choices and work to be good examples to others.  So, be a good example to your neighbors and purchase a bidet and you can tell them all how clean your butt is and how much toilet paper you are saving.  


Are you going to implement any of these zero waste bathroom upgrades?  Do you have any questions about sustainable swaps or anything I mentioned above?  Let me know in the comments below!  

P.S.  If you want to hit other areas of your house besides the bathroom with some sustainability, check out this post I did on simple swaps for the kitchen!  



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