Back to School: Eco Friendly Lunchbox Swaps

I think I have whiplash from this summer.  After a long winter, all I did was look forward to summer, and in a fog of moving, dogsitting, working, blogging, and scrub making, the summer is...gulp... ALMOST OVER?! 

I'm sad to say that this summer wasn't the most fun or relaxing for me, but ya can't win 'em all.  I've had my nose to the grindstone (I think it's kind of bloody from the grindstone to tell you the truth) because I have been hustling hard to check off something from my bucket list in December- a week long yoga retreat!  Instead of being scared and thinking to myself," how in the world will I make that happen?!" I went the opposite way and said, "I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm gonna make that freaking happen!" And now ya girl will be in Mexico in December learning about my chakras and chillin' in downward dog pose staring at the beach. Whoop de whoooooop!!! 

Does any other adult out there miss that school time transition?  Not necessarily going to school, but just the feeling of a new 'year' with new possibilities, fresh gym shoes, and a recently purchased pack of sparkly gel pens that are perfectly organized by color?  Damn, that ruled.

When I was in school, I was never allowed to have a brown bag lunch with a baloney sandwich and Kraft singles/Fruit Roll Up combo, or the highly sought after Lunchable with a Capri Sun.  I always had an insulated lunch bag with homemade turkey wraps in a whole wheat tortilla with a side carrot sticks or something. Lame at the time, but kudos to Pati for force feeding us health foods and never letting us have blue food coloring.  

I'm not sure what the cool thing at lunch is now, but hopefully sustainability is cool?! Or maybe your kid wants to be a trendsetter.  Either way, I put together some sustainable lunchbox swaps that you can try on your kids lunches, or maybe even your own lunch that you bring to work!  Frankly, it's a win-win for the whole family.




I love the idea of teaching kiddos early about sustainability, reusing things, and why it's important.  Plus, maybe it can be a lesson on responsibility to remember to bring home their lunch things, instead of accidentally abandoning them on the playground every day like I did.  I mean, if kids now want to be adults in a world completely not overrun in garbage, they better start early, right?

The lunchbox is a fantastic place to start reducing a lot of single use plastic waste- snack bags, sandwich bags, juice boxes with straws, candy wrappers, etc.  I think the convenience of mini water bottles and bags of chips really can be transferred over to more sustainable options with just a few easy changes at home.  

If you want a place to start overhauling the lunchbox scene, I recently stumbled upon this website called Earth Hero.  They basically do the research for you so you know that the products you are buying really are made with sustainability and earth friendliness in mind, and not faking you out with green washing marketing jargon.  Plus, I kind of like finding another website besides Amazon to shop on.  I mean, Prime is pretty dang convenient, but earth friendliness is not at the top of their list, and I am trying to be a little more mindful of how I shop these days.  And doesn't Amazon have enough money from us?  Let's give a smaller guy a chance! 

If you do end up going on Earth Hero, they have a specific section for Back to School under the Baby + Kids section, and you can get anything you would need to get your green on at lunch!  For a little back to school savings, use my link to shop!  (transparency: I do get a small commission with the use of the aforementioned link, but I would never share a website or products that I don't think are creme de la creme for you or the Earth.  That would be shady and lame of me).  

Whether you want to give your lunches a total overhaul, or pick one easy step to reduce your single use plastic usage, I think it's all awesome!  Back to school time can be a learning experience for everyone- no one is too old to learn something new or change a habit.  

Any plans to give your lunchbox an eco-friendly make over?  Tell me how in the comments below!    

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