Colorful Eating

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with new boxes of crayons, and new packages of markers.  I loved keeping all of the colors in order and the tips sharp and fresh.  I have always been drawn to colorful things, even into adulthood.  Most times, I have to tone down my home decorating or clothing purchases so it doesn't look like a rainbow explosion.  

Luckily, this preference for color helps me in my every day eating.  When I was in school for my Holistic Health Certification, we learned about a concept called "eating the rainbow".  I know Skittles candy normally comes to mind when we hear this phrase, but hopefully I will change that association for you.  Recently a client told me, "It sounds so dumb, but your 'eating the rainbow' concept changed my life!  I never look at my plate the same way!"  This made me so happy!  

As this blog is all about easy changes we can make in our health and every day life, I hope you find this change to be easily implementable.  If you want to eat healthier, just take a look at the colors on your plate.  The more colorful your foods, the healthier your plate will be.  Obvs I'm talking about natural foods and not neon gummy worms or blue Jello.

Each color of fruits and vegetables contain specific antioxidants and phytonutrients that correspond with that color.  


image from LiveLoveFruit


I love a good visual, and this is a really easy way to see whether you have nutrient dense foods on your plate.  For example, a typical breakfast for someone might be eggs, some toast, and coffee.  These are all very bland/beige colored foods.  Boost the nutrient content and rainbow effect by adding some greens and peppers with your eggs, making a green smoothie, and adding a side of berries with your breakfast.  Now the meal is colorful and way healthier!  

Don't be afraid to jazz up your plate with as many colors as you want.  Get funky with those fruits.  Get varietal with those vegetables.  Get down with your rainbow self.  Show me how you are eating the rainbow on Instagram!  Tag @busybodywellness or send me a DM and you just might see your plate featured on my page!  

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