Do It For The Kids!

God’s honest truth- I do not want children.  That makes me a bit of a societal renegade, and a baby-less outcast among my friend group, but there it is.  My ovaries are not crying, and my womb is not desiring a temporary resident.  

 I have a myriad of reasons for my outlook, and at first I wasn’t going to go into details about it because it is not really relevant to this post, but maybe there’s another 30 something woman out there who will pick up what I’m putting down.  Plus, the cool thing about having your own blog is that you can write about whatever you damn want!  It’s the best!  Feel free to skip the following paragraphs if you have no interest.  

 Reason 1:  I’m selfish.  The thought of giving up sleep, activities, going out to eat, having normal boobs, travel, more sleep, and being on the schedule of a tiny tyrant hold no appeal.  Then the baby grows up and is a teenage tyrant.  Yikes!  I don’t have the mental fortitude for that!  I am in constant awe and insanely impressed with mothers and parents out there.  Ya’ll are saints.  Crazy saints, but saints nevertheless. 

 Reason 2: You have to carry the baby and it is extracted from your body in very scary ways.  Why is the baby’s head so big and the way in which it exits the body so small?  Not cool, Nature.  Not cool.  

 Reason 3:  Enormous responsibility.  I have to make sure the kid grows up to be a considerate, intelligent, non-asshole, contributing member of society?  I can barely figure that out for myself.  What if something bad happens to it or it grows up burning ants with magnifying glasses for fun?  Aagghhh!!!

 Reason 4:  I would like to hope that since I do not choose to have a family of my own, I will have more time and energy to devote to causes out in the world, beyond my own small unit.  The author Elizabeth Gilbert coined the term "the Auntie Brigade", describing women who do not have children but still are of important service to society and are often involved in children's lives in other ways.  

 I have many mom clients, friends, and acquaintances and they do tell me many joyful aspects of motherhood.  They even try to convince me to hop on board.  I’m sure there are a garbage truck load full of reasons why children are amazing and the amount of love for them is mind boggling.  At the moment, I’m a staunch “No”, and my ovaries aren’t getting any younger.  I will continue to salute you and support you, moms!  






Now, onto the actual point of this entire post, following that long winded introduction.  Whoopsie.  

 For me having no interest in pro-creating, it’s kind of silly that I have such a vested interest in the state of our planet.  I’m going to die and won’t have anyone left behind.  So why do I give a shit?  Why should I care about future generations, when I’m not going to have any myself?!  I really have no idea, but I just do.  And I am going to tug on the heartstrings of all the parents out there to really think about the future generations- your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  Seriously, what kind of planet will they have?  

 Based on the latest research, it is kind of grim.  I always have the visual of the movie Wall-E.  The Earth is covered in garbage and humans are overweight and zipping around in hovercraft pods.  Why would we want that for our offspring?  If we keep on the same pace we are now, the world will be a completely different place in the near future.  

 According to The Center for Biological Diversity, 30-50% of all species could be headed towards extinction by 2050.  It’s almost 2020, people.  2050 is NOT that far away.  That’s OUR lifetime.  The worst part about it?  Humans are the problem.  Almost the entirety of extinction issues are due to habitat loss, global warming, and the consequences of other human activities.  Besides species extinction, according to Environmental Protection, 1 in 3 people will be exposed to a high risk of water pollution by 2050.  


I don’t want to give these statistics as a kind of hell and brimstone, point the finger type of sermon, but to make you aware that these problems are here, they are real, we have all contributed knowingly or unknowingly, and they WILL affect kids and grandkids.  

 These issues are large scale, and seem insurmountable.  It’s easier to keep the blinders on and hope that one day there will be a big government intervention, or some earth loving group will solve the problem.  I don’t think that’s going to be how the biggest changes are made.  I think they start with us.  I think they start with what we are teaching our children right now.  You can have an impact on your family and community, and that reach will extend beyond your small circle.  I ask you to look at what kind of habits you are creating in your home.  Do you spray toxic pesticides on your yard to keep the weeds away?  Do you buy cases of plastic water bottles?  Do you recycle?  Do you use 30 plastic grocery bags per trip?  Do you purchase items mindfully, or is your house filled with items that will go into the landfill the second you want something new?  Do you consume large quantities of animal products?

 These habits that are being practiced by millions and billions of people around the globe have accumulated into our Earth being in crisis mode.  If we start at home, monitoring our environmental impact, I truly believe we can turn things around.  Perhaps start a garden in the back yard.  Research the importance of bees and butterflies and teach your children.  Plant some flowers that will attract pollinators.  Do an audit on your cleaning products to see how many harmful chemicals lie within.  Start doing some fun DIY’s with your kids for things like lotion, household cleaners, and hand sanitizer.  Let's all cut back on mindless purchasing.  Let's all live the practice of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.  We need to vote with our dollar- one of the biggest ways to drive change in our money driven society.  I heard the term once, "small hinges move big doors".  Let's be those hinges!  

 I’m here to help future generations be able to still swim in the ocean, enjoy the absolute breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature, and keep them from flying around in a hovercraft drinking 50z styrofoam cups of soda and sleeping on mounds of garbage.  Will I continue to exploit the boundless love you have for your innocent, adorable, angel babies for the benefit of all of us and the planet?  Absolutely, I will.  


It starts with me.  It starts with you.  Let's do it for the kids!  

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