Food: The Great Debate

I'm not sure if there are enough pages on the internet to go into the details about what people should be eating or think they should be eating.  This whole topic seems to be a turd filled pond of confusion and horrible advice.  I will tell you this: I will not be getting into detailed scientific discussions about study findings and data analysis.  I'm not qualified, plus this is a blog for busy people, so who has time for that.  

Today I am going to give you a most simplified overview of the advice that I follow when I eat, plus a little bit about my own personal food journey.  In subsequent posts, I will go into more detail about different kinds of foods, how to prepare healthy meals quickly, the impacts of our eating habits on the planet, recipes, easy upgrades for your foods, etc. 

One of the best quotes I have read in regards to eating is by Michael Pollan.  He says,  "Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants".  While this is a very, very simple statement about food consumption, he is really saying to have your diet focused on mostly unprocessed foods that come from nature, do not eat until you are stuffed, and to have the majority of your consumption be plant foods.  I love this statement because it directs a consumer to think about where their food is coming from, it makes one eat more mindfully to avoid over eating, and the focus on plants is fantastic for one's health and the environment.  All of my favorite concepts wrapped into one!  

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How did I become the plant based maniac that I am today?  It all started 7 years ago in the far away land of Australia, where I was spending a year abroad because I graduated college during the economic collapse and had nothing better to do with my life besides delaying getting a "real job" for as long as possible.  

During my time in Australia, I saw a motivational speaker (R.I.P. Wayne Dyer) who mentioned his vegetarian eating philosophy.  He said that he didn't eat meat because he didn't want to consume the animal's fear.  Being an animal lover my whole life, this statement whacked me in the heart.  Wayne also mentioned a book he had read called "Food Revolution" by John Robbins.  I decided to investigate this book, and that caused a landslide of reading thereafter.  "Food Revolution" delved into the agricultural industry, the exploitation of animals from the American practice of factory farming, and it discussed the ties of the government with our agricultural practices.  I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded, appalled, freaked out, and my whole world was blown apart.  This single book started my journey and my passion in holistic health.

I gave up meat shortly thereafter, and haven't looked back.  Giving up meat has been great, I am even still the butt of family jokes after 7 years!  (No, I really don't want a piece of bacon).  The longer I have been vegetarian and have dabbled in veganism, the more I have learned about the impacts that animal agriculture has on health, the animals, and the environment- I am sad to say that none of it is positive.

That is not to say that I look down on people that eat meat.  I get lots of apologies from people when they eat or prepare meat around me.  It is a personal choice.  What I would like to to with this topic is what I would like to do with other topics on this website- teach and encourage people how to make more conscious, educated decisions about it.  I will always advocate for a heavily plant based diet- whether you eat meat or are a vegan (it's really easy to eat junk as a vegan, too!). Veggies rule, there's no arguing about that.  I hope to show you that eating healthfully can be achieved even with a hectic schedule.  It's not quite as easy as rollin' through the drive thru, but I promise you it can be done!  Stay tuned for a lot more posts about food- the topic that started it all!  


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