Hello, 2020!

Whoa, it has been a minute since I have done a blog post.  Sorry guys, I really milked that Sustainable Holiday Shopping Guide!  I hope everyone had a wonderful end of 2019.  I feel especially hyped up for 2020, not sure if it is just the whole new decade situation, or it's just good, tingly feelings that this year is going to be big!

Have you done any self reflecting on the past year or the past decade?  I had the privilege of going to Mexico in December on a yoga retreat, and it was amazing to have mandatory reflection time.  I am always mentally enthused to journal, reflect, meditate, etc. and somehow things like Instagram feeds, taking pictures of my cats napping, and lots of excuses always get in the way of me actually following through.  The retreat came at a perfect (albeit, busy and crazy) time of the year, in that it was so helpful to use the tools I learned to enter into a new year.  The theme was manifestation using the chakra system, and I accumulated a buttload (actual, technical yoga terminology) of exercises and tools on how to bring ideas into reality.  I can't sing enough praises about my experience!  ::sigh::

Less than a month ago this is what I was doing.  Now back to the grind in gloomy Ohio! While my scenery isn't quite as dreamy as a private Mexican beach, I am staying positive and excited about what's to come with BusyBody Wellness! Here's what I am wanting to bring to you all this year:

- More blog posts.  (Ideally 1x a week, being really honest with myself- every other  week).  

- More products.  I am currently working on all natural soy candles that I am really jazzed about.  Stay tuned on my Instagram and in upcoming newsletters for more information about those.  I am in the process of stocking up on everything I sold out of over the holidays.  I am hoping to streamline my processes and should have more scrub, body butter, deodorant, and candles ready for ya soon!

- More ways to easily integrate sustainability, holistic health, and self-development into your lives.  Have specific ideas, questions, or any areas you need more help?  Email me at chelsea@busybodywellness.com and I can make a blog post or Instagram post about it!  


This picture is a metaphor for the treasures I hope to bring you in 2020. As for my personal intentions for 2020, I have a few things I want to focus on:


I feel like getting older and busier has really secluded me from my friends.  It is hard when everyone has hectic schedules, children, and activities.  I hope to focus on seeing my friends more and strengthening connections.  I would also love to meet new friends who share similar interests and lifestyle!  Any tips on making friends in your 30's, send it my way!  This serves a dual purpose of also getting me out of my comfort zone because I could really easily be a hermit that never leaves my house and just has books and cats for friends.  Help.  


I have come to the sad realization that I am not fun, nor do I partake in much fun.  Due to me having the attitude of a life hardened 75 year old man, I find most things to be irritating, too much of a hassle to bother, or too crowded.  I also prefer to be in bed by 9pm.  (Okay fine, 8:30).  While I would not want to go backwards in time, plus my body would physically revolt and crumble, I do miss the fun of my 20's.  Admittedly, way too much drinking, but lots of dancing and interesting stories.  I suppose part of growing up is finding joy and fun in a different kind of way, so this year can be an experiment on that!  My liver definitely likes me more in my 30's.  Any ideas or experiences where you have said to yourself, "holy shit, that was SO FUN!" please comment below because I wanna know about them.  Here's to saying yes to more fun and no to being a curmudgeon-y old man!


This seems like a sad, un-fun topic after I just went on about how much fun I want to have, but I need more organization in my life.  I actually think I will have more fun once I can nail this whole organization thing because it will cut way down on my stress.  I need a multi-faceted approach to organization- in my business and office area, my clothes and closet, my schedule, and my time.  I am pretty good at keeping organized once I have the systems in place, but figuring out how to do it is where I struggle.  I used the Marie Kondo folding method on my dresser drawers months and months ago, and I'm still rocking it.  Also, I got a label maker for Christmas, and I'm ready fire that thing up!  

One little tip I heard forever ago and will utilize more this year is, "if it takes less than two minutes, do it now".  This is a life changer for me.  Things like- unloading the dishwasher, hanging up or folding clothes after you have tried them on, wiping down a countertop or the bathroom, putting clothes in a drawer, putting something away, etc.  So many little things that will help with clutter and peace of mind can happen in 2 minutes or less.  No excuses! 

Mindfulness and Intentionality

I am the type of person that gets in the zone with things and does not pay attention to anything around me.  I get tunnel vision, have my shoulders hunched around my ears, and am running around from one thing to the next.  I also do multiple tasks at once, usually ruining/burning/forgetting something.  I annoy the crap out of myself.  This year, I want to be more mindful in my actions, slooowwww down a little bit and integrate more meditation, yoga, gratitude, breathing and enjoying the present moment.  I think I will be happier and the people around me will appreciate it more, too.  


Are you excited for 2020?  What are you ready to tackle this year?  What are your intentions with this decade?  Have you gotten to reflect on the past year or 10 years?  Let me know aaaallll about it in the comments below!  Seriously, share!  It's fun!  


P.S. I would love to grow the BusyBody following this year, and you can help!  Please like, share, and comment on blog posts and social media- it really does aid in expanding the community, plus it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, too.  Tell your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else you think would like what's going on around here.  I greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate it!  


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