Living Life On a Plant Slant

If you haven't picked up on it yet, I am really into plants.  For eating, for enjoying, and for filling your household.  In fact, I'm so into plants that I try to get others to share in my plant exuberance.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I will always try!  Since switching to a mostly plant based diet, I have felt so much better, increased my energy, and lost a lot of bloat.  Looking back on pictures, I looked like a soft ball of dough.  Besides that, a plant based diet is the best for the environment.  Why?  Because animal agriculture is THE biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions- worse than the whole transportation sector combined.  WHAT?!?!  I KNOW IT'S CRAZY.  

Not only that, but a plant based diet is the only diet proven to prevent and reverse heart disease (it's a big killer of people in this country in case you haven't heard).  Am I finished on my soap box, yet?  Almost there!

Lastly, according to author Dan Buettner of the Blue Zones books, societies where people eat with a "plant slant" live longer.  The Blue Zones are areas in the world where people have the longest life spans.  Buettner also wrote "The Blue Zones of Happiness", where he studies the happiest places on the planet, and how they became that way.  Both of his books are fantastic if you need something new to read!

Side note:  Why do I refer to a diet as "plant based" or "whole foods plant based" instead of vegetarian or vegan?  These terms, especially vegan, refer to a lifestyle and specific set of ethics regarding animal consumption.  While I agree with their moral arguments, it has become a loaded description that I try not to use.  Also, it is very easy to be a "junk food vegan" by eating foods that are unhealthy but contain no animal products.  The goal here is to consume as many healthy, plant based foods that come from the earth as possible. 

I will rest my case here.  Now it's time for the challenge.  For the month of May, I challenge you to push your current diet into more of a Plant Slant!  Does it sound mind boggling?  I know when I first stopped eating meat, I didn't know what I would eat.  All meals centered around animal products.  Also, cheese.  I have learned a few things in the 7 years I have been vegetarian/mostly plant based. I've even ditched cheese (98% of the time).  I put together a handy dandy worksheet specifically for helping people move their diet to a more plant based one.  


On my Instagram this month (@busybodywellness) I will be sharing recipes, resources, and motivation for a month of Plant Slanted-ness!  I will compile the information into a blog post for future reference at the end of the month.  Questions about plant based living?  Are you plant curious?  Do you think I'm just plain crazy?  Comment below!  

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