Reducing Plastic in the Bathroom

There is a movement trending online for a #plasticfreejuly and I thought it would be a perfect time to summarize the easy swaps I have been making to reduce my personal plastic consumption!  What better place to start than where magic is made- the bathroom! 

As always, I want to focus my content on conscious convenience- what changes can I make and share with you that are totally doable but have a friendlier impact on our planet?  On my personal journey, I have found that so far, the bathroom is one of the easiest places to swap out plastic for more earth friendly alternatives.  I have also found that it is easiest to pick a room or area of the house that you use the most, and focus on that area if you want to reduce waste and become more green.  If I look at my entire household, I can get pretty overwhelmed!  And who needs more overwhelm?  If you do, you might want to consider getting a hobby, weirdo.  

I have put together this handy dandy graphic that summarizes the changes I have made so far!  



All of the swaps above have been exceptionally easy to implement, and I don't really miss the "conventional" version.  My only complaint with body oil vs. lotion is the time it takes to absorb into the skin.  The biggest leap was probably the conditioner.  I ran out of conditioner and was looking for an alternative that wasn't in a plastic bottle.  It was hard to find, although I did find a brand called Seed Phytonutrients that sells hair care in compostable paper bottles- very cool!  I have seen their products at Whole Foods if you want to try it but don't want to order online. 

I have read several times about the benefits of apple cider vinegar as a conditioning rinse for the hair, and for the sake of being cheap and already having ACV on hand, I filled up a squeeze bottle I already had with half apple cider vinegar and half water and have just been using that in lieu of conditioner!  Honestly, I love it.  I have way less scalp build up, my hair feels just as soft, and it's not as weighed down.  When I get out of the shower, I just add a few drops of keratin oil to my hair for smoothness and extra conditioning.  I currently am still using a normal shampoo, but because I have curly hair, I rarely wash my hair and will probably have this bottle of shampoo until I'm middle aged.  

An ongoing struggle I am having is finding affordable toilet paper that isn't wrapped in plastic, so for now I am going with a recycled paper option I can get at grocery store.  There are options on Amazon to buy without plastic but it's in a major bulk size that is just unreasonable for my household.  Another vice I have is butt wipes.  I love the clean butt feeling, however it is definitely not eco-friendly!  I go with better brands like Seventh Generation, but I still have guilt.  I cannot find any kind of wipe that checks the boxes of biodegradable, is not made with plastic fibers AND has no plastic packaging. The search continues!

Here are some pictures of some of the products I am currently using and liking: 

purchased on Amazon!


Are you inspired to participate in #plasticfreeJuly ? I am for sure not ready to completely eradicate plastic from my life, but I have found that it's extremely easy to make a lot of swaps in a better direction!  Have you been able to successfully ditch plastic somewhere in your household?  Let me know how in the comments below!  

If you want one more recommendation on something I believe you NEED to have in the bathroom (this is life or death, people), it just so happens that I recently launched a line of body scrubs called Buzzy Body.  Will I shamelessly plug this amazing coffee/peppermint/vanilla smelling, eco-friendly, non-toxic, make your skin as smooth as a baby's butt, sugar based body scrub?  Why yes, I will!  You can check it out here.  

(Here's an enticing visual)


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