September Challenge: Tackling Plastic Consumption

New month, new season approaching, and that means it's time for a new challenge!  Let's tackle PLASTIC CONSUMPTION!  Woo hoo!  How exciting!  Can you even handle it?! Also, I tied this theme into the beginning of football season.  Aren't I clever? 

As you may know, I have been on a personal journey to reduce my plastic consumption around my house- specifically focusing on the bathroom and the kitchen.  I feel pretty good about my efforts so far.  If I started out using a mountain of plastic, I am now at a medium sized hill of plastic.  One step at a time, people.  

If you read my last blog post you will know that one of the important steps we can take for our planet in crisis is to do our part.  I think reducing plastic consumption is a crucial component of that.  Our world is drowning in plastic, and we can totally help by being more mindful and conscious of our regular purchases.  


I challenge you- What is one item or area of plastic consumption you can get rid of this month?  



Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Ugh, so much plastic in this world!!!


If you would like some ideas, I am going to list out what I have changed for myself so far.  Maybe one of these items will inspire you, or you can pick something totally random!  

-Purchase condiments in glass containers only

-Shop at the bulk section of the grocery store (I will re-use and bring back the same plastic bags each time, or bring my own big Ziploc bag.  So far no one has said anything at Kroger, and I always use the self checkout.  At Whole Foods, you can ask for paper bags to use for the bulk items, no problem.)

-Stop buying packaged snacks.  This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but I have stopped buying cereal, granola, and it is rare if I buy chips or something else like that.  Progress, not perfection!

-Stop buying plastic bottled drinks.  I either use my reusable bottle, or nothing.  My only other drink purchase is cold brew coffee in a glass bottle, or sometimes a tea/natural energy drink in a can. 

-Purchase toothpaste in a glass jar

-Purchase floss in a re-fillable, stainless steel container

-Switch from body wash to bar soap

-Make my own deodorant 

-Bring my own bag to the grocery store/always have one stashed in my car or purse

-Purchase toilet paper not wrapped in plastic (Whole Foods sells Seventh Generation by the roll, also the company Who Gives A Crap delivers TP not wrapped in plastic)

-Use alternatives such as beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap to cover food items

-Purchase cat litter in a paper bag (Purina Yesterday's News) 


Hopefully something on this list will encourage you to try out it's plastic free counterpart!  Honestly, the biggest step is knowing that finding the item might be slightly less convenient.  I am always trying to share tips that are on brand with my mission of conscious convenience, but just be aware that some stuff is just a teeeeensy bit less convenient.  


What are you going to try?  I am excited to hear!  Let me know in the comments below!  If you have any questions about what brand or where I purchased something, ask in the comments, or shoot me a DM on Instagram (@busybodywellness)


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