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The first liquid you may think about when you roll out of bed is coffee.  You might even be thinking something more aggressively along the lines of "If I don't have a cup of coffee in my hands in 2 minutes, I'm gonna burn this place to the ground."  I feel you.  Coffee is a wonderful liquid brimming with possibilities and productivity.  

As wonderful as the caffeine surge through your veins first thing in the morning might be, I have a tiny simple swap for you to try before you imbibe your morning brew.  All you need is some warm water and a lemon wedge.  Perhaps two tablespoons of organic, raw, apple cider vinegar for bonus points.  

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Why am I being a heinous demon and trying to prolong your favorite morning pick me up?  Hear me out.  Because we are sleeping all night, we are obviously not hydrating our bodies with water.  We wake up naturally dehydrated.  To ease your body from a sleeping state into a waking state, the best thing to do is start with water- preferably room temperature or warm.  Cold water is a little harsh in the morning.  Would you like someone to throw a glass of cold water on your face to wake you up?  Probably not, and your body feels the same way.  It wants liquids at a temperature that matches its own.  Add a lemon squeeze to that water, and you've got yourself a morning powerhouse beverage.  

Lemon is fantastic to have in the morning with your water because when it is ingested in the body, it becomes alkaline.  Now I'm trying to take away your coffee AND I'm talking science stuff.  WTF is my problem.  The body is always fighting for a state of balance between acidity and alkalinity.  Unfortunately, most of the foods in the Standard American Diet put the body in an acidic state.  Even more unfortunately, acidic states are where diseases love to move in and set up camp.  It sounds backwards with lemons being alkaline in the body because they are an acidic food, but don't ask me details, that's just how it is.  When you start off your morning with water with lemon, you are now hydrating your body, easing it towards a more alkaline state, plus you are getting an immunity boost from the Vitamin C in the lemon.  I mentioned earlier that if you want bonus points, you can add some organic, raw, apple cider vinegar (benefits include better digestion, heart burn relief, immunity, allergy relief, clear skin).  I drink this mixture every morning and I love it.  I have found that having the water temperature warm bordering on hot definitely helps with the taste of the apple cider vinegar.  Mixed with the lemon, I really find it to be pleasant!  

I am not saying to give up your coffee completely, I am just suggesting that maybe it isn't the very first liquid you have right when you wake up.  Coffee by nature is acidic in the body, plus it is dehydrating.  Not to mention that flooding your adrenals with caffeine every morning can lead to adrenal fatigue and cause your body to pump out extra cortisol.  Here's an interesting article on coffee and it's effects on your adrenals if you want to explore a bit more.  Feel free to imbibe that caffeinated goodness a little later in the morning after you have gently woken yourself up with a new, more friendly routine of warm lemon water! 

What do you think?  Can you delay your morning coffee?  Let me know in the comments below!  

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