Buzzy Body Products

Body Scrub, Body Butter, and Deodorant

Created out of love for sustainability, skin care, and stuff that smells good.  

BuzzyBody Products only contain high quality ingredients like organic butters, organic sugars, organic coconut oil, and even carbon neutral coffee grounds.  Some of the packaging is different looking, and here's why- I believe that there's enough packaging in the world to go around.  That's why all jars and containers for BuzzyBody have either been gifted, thrifted, or upcycled in some way.  The jars are then meticulously cleaned and sanitized, and filled with BuzzyBody goodness!  

Wait, there's more!  A portion of each sale will go to The Honeybee Conservancy, an awesome non-profit that is not only dedicated to helping our declining pollinator population, but they are also on a mission to bring sustainable and organic food to underserved communities.  Your skin can feel glorious and your heart can feel warm with every BuzzyBody product purchase.  


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