Click on the picture of the candle scent you are interested in to see pricing, size availability, and crystal choice.  I am also open to making custom scents and sizes with your choice of crystals!  Email me at 

A couple notes about the candles: 

-All candles are scented with essential oils, so they will not be the super strong fragrance of store bought candles you might be used to.  I only use essential oils because synthetic fragrances can be very pollutant to the air indoors.  

- I do not have every single size and candle photographed.  I use upcycled jars and packaging for the candles, so you may get a container that looks slightly different than the photo.  For the most part, they are all poured in glass, with the occasional vintage mug, or different container.  Those I do try to photograph.  

- Most importantly, I hope you use your candle as a special treat and ritual to infuse positivity and manifestation into your life.  Work hard, chill hard, sage hard.