Cleaning Product Makeover

Spring is in the air!  Can we get a HALLELUJAH that in the very near future we will get a nice rosy glow from the sun and our pale, sad bodies will stop glowing in the dark?!  If somehow haven't noticed that your legs look like two loaves of white bread yet, check it out.  I will wait through your horror.  

Among other glorious things about Spring such as flowers and actually venturing outside, I always think of spring cleaning!  It is a great time to flip over those couch cushions and sweep out piles of tortilla chip crumbs from our months of binge watching Netflix and Instagram stalking Jessica Biel.   Or was that just me?  

One thing I have been doing for awhile now is researching and switching up my cleaning products at home.  Somehow along my holistic health journey, I learned all about the craaazy amounts of harmful chemicals in cleaning products we use all the time!  I could go on for a long time about all kinds of the crazy chemicals, but I invite you to journey down a Google hole if you dare.  It's like your toilet seat might be clean, but now you'll have cancer growing on your butt.  If you're a clean freak like me, you won't want to feel like your house is a toxic mess after just cleaning.  I want everything to be refreshed, smell good, and know that the things I am using are safe to touch and breathe!  Plus, as a psycho cat mom, I don't want their dainty paws stepping onto a chemical bath.  Or any members of my household for that matter.  There are a couple ways you can re-vamp your cleaning products.

1.) Make your own.  Don't let this DIY scare you.  It's way easier than you think, I promise! It doesn't hurt that making your own cleaning products is also super cost effective.  

2.) Purchase new cleaning products that are better for your body and your household.

Okay, are you ready for the easiest all purpose DIY cleaner on Earth?

Take an empty spray bottle.

Fill halfway with water.

Fill the other half with distilled white vinegar.

You are done. HA!  It's that simple.  But, kind of boring.  There are several easy ways to add nice smells.  Do you ever eat lemons or oranges?  If you do, you can take the peel from a lemon or an orange and throw it in a glass jar of distilled white vinegar for 1-2 weeks.  This would be good if you have some cleaning supplies that you want to use up so you can re-use the bottle for your new spray.  After the peel has been chillin' like a citrus villain in the vinegar, pull the peel out and you will now have vinegar that smells like lemon or orange with the added cleaning benefits!  Lemons are magical little creatures.  They have natural antibacterial benefits and are extremely versatile for cleaning all kinds of things.  You can also add 10-20 drops of lemon or orange essential oil if you don't want to wait for the peel business to happen.  Tea tree oil is a cleaning powerhouse as well, especially for areas prone to mold.  Check some essential oil safety around pets.  From what I have researched, there shouldn't be a problem as long as the cleaner is properly diluted.  If you have several cups of water & vinegar vs. 10 drops of essential oils, you should be safe.  My go-to cleaning supplies at home are white vinegar, lemon, and baking soda!  If you have never tried baking soda to clean your grimy bathtub, it's life changing.


Purchasing new cleaners:

This is a good option if you really don't feel like making your own or if you don't believe me that a few natural ingredients can really clean that well.  It's okay to do your own research!  I like the DIY route for the added benefit of not purchasing more plastic bottles, but there are some great cleaners out there that will save you from the toxic overload of your standard conventional cleaners.  How do you find them, you ask?  The Environmental Working Group website has done all the research for you!  If you haven't used this website before (they also have an app), it is a treasure trove of information about toxics in cleaning supplies, foods, and beauty products.  Basically, a dream for me.  Here is the link for their database about household cleaning supplies.  You can look at where your cleaners rank and see which ones would be a better alternative.  You'll be surprised which ones are are better or worse than you think!  

If you're anything like me, it gets really overwhelming when you start to research or think about all of the ways we are being assaulted by toxins and harmful chemicals.  All of the information could easily make you lie wide awake all night and sweat through your toxic bed sheets and toxic mattress.  ARE WE EVER SAFE!?  However, I have found that if you break it down into smaller, easier to manage chunks of things you can control, i.e. household cleaners, you just begin incorporating one thing at a time so the overwhelm doesn't paralyze you.  That's a little wisdom nugget from my journey so far.  

Now, will you take the Cleaning Product Makeover Challenge this month?