How Can We Move It, Move It?

Here's your assignment.  Stop reading this.  Right now.  Stop right now and go take a walk.  Or do 20 squats.  Or 30 seconds of mountain climbers.  Or do reverse lunges and go watch a whole episode of The Bachelor.  Your brain can die with your legs.  (hehe, sorry reality TV lovers).  

For some reasons humans like to make things that should be really easy, really hard.  Things like eating healthy and exercising.  They are pretty straightforward concepts to grasp, but then I hear about diets like the Master Cleanse and goat yoga (not gonna lie, I do want to try that one), and I want to bang my head into a wall.  I won't start a full blown Chelsea rant on this topic because literally no one in the world has time or frankly cares enough to read it.  We are trying to keep it simple around here because I know ya'll are busy.


Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash



As a personal trainer, people come to me to help them exercise better.  Duh.  The accountability part is also clutch, plus learning how to do exercises safely and effectively.  Not to plug personal training too much, but it's the bomb.  Highly recommend it!  However, if you do not want to go that route, what can you do to incorporate more movement into your life?  Lack of daily movement is a triple cheeseburger sized problem in this country.  I think the amount of options with exercise are overwhelming, just like trying to figure out what kind of "diet" you need to be on.  I don't think we have to turn this thing into quantum physics, or even Algebra.  (Seriously, anyone who grasps Algebra, you are Einstein in my book).  

I'm going to ask you a few less than Einstein questions here to help you figure out how you can move more: 


What movement/exercise to do you love to do? 

I see waaayy too many people doing exercise they don't love just because they think it's the best for them or it will burn the most calories.  Hello, running.  Or HIIT hellhole bootcamps.  Now, if you love to run or go to hellish bootcamps, go freaking do it!  Why?  Because doing movements you love to do will lead to consistency.  If you do not love (or at least enjoy) doing something, guess what?  You won't do it!  Ahhh, and I have just unlocked the big secret.  Do you love to walk?  Grab the dog and go.  Do you love to cycle?  Hop on a bike or go to a class.  Do you love to do Jazzercise tapes from 1990 in your basement?  I'm not judging.  You go, girl.  Whether it's hip hop dance, yoga, at home videos or trampoline pilates, stick with what you love, and STICK WITH IT.  Even if it is 15-30 minutes.  I am not saying you have to be in a gym or a class for 2 hours a day.  If you are doing these things consistently and not seeing results, then we can play with the factors of cross training and tweaking your diet.  But this is the first step.  Now, go do it already!   


How can you incorporate it into your schedule?  

This one is a toughie because of these leeeeetle teeny tiny things called EXCUSES.  I used to be more of a softie in this area but then I had surgeon clients come in the gym who only slept for 3 hours or a mom who had infant twins and a toddler at home and also only slept for 3 hours, or full time working moms or people that had to lose 100 pounds or people that worked night shift and would come to the gym instead of going home to sleep, but still came in several times a week and put in the work.  Then I realized, damn.  If someone really wants something, they will make it happen.  If you are saying you really want it, but it hasn't been happening, then you don't want it hard enough yet.  If you get mad at that statement it's probably even more true.  This is why blogging is perfect for me- I am very non confrontational, so I can drop these honesty bombs on you through the computer and not have to deal with the ensuing emotions.  Wheeeee!  


How can you enlist help?  

Do you always bitch to your friends how you need to exercise more and then they are like, "yeah, oh my god, me too!" and then you all go back to not exercising and you have the same conversation on repeat several times a month?  Here is a little nudge from me urging you to take the conversation to the next level.  After the whole "yeah, oh my god, me too!" phrase gets thrown around, how about you follow up with something like, "I am free on Wednesday evenings from 6-7.  Do you want to commit to being my walking/belly dancing/burpee/spin class/yoga buddy?"

Can you ask your husband to watch the kids one night? Can you ask another mom to walk with you around the field at your kids' soccer practice instead of zoning out in the car and watching Instagram videos?  Can you get a work friend to meet you before you go in the office for a class two days a week?

Unless my expectations are way to high as a non-married, kid-less person (you can yell at me via email if this is the case), from what I have seen with numerous clients and their schedules, usually something can be worked out in your favor and in the favor of moving more!  

Remember these important factors: Consistency.  Commitment.  Conning your friends into joining you.