Intro to Why Should We Care?

Because I said so.  

I wish that classic parental response was that easy to implement!  If you have ever been really passionate about a cause, you know that it's really freaking challenging to get others around you to care.  Which I totally get.  We are all insanely busy with our own lives, our own projects, our own jobs and families.  Heck, sometimes our bosses can't even get us to care about our jobs and we get paid for that.  

I have loved nature and animals for as long as I can remember, so perhaps this passion of mine was just born with me.  An intuitive I visited once told me that she thought I had fairy energy, or was a fairy in a previous life.  Yes, a fairy like the cartoons you see in movies.  Hang with me here!  If you believe/love spiritual/psychic/cosmic/afterlife/Universe/magical stuff like I do you might have read about fairies, or at least know the context from cartoon movies!  According to a blog post I read, fairies "are nature's angels who watch over and guide plants, animals, birds, and all of the natural elements." 

Sorry for the hippie detour.  Whether you believe in fairies or not, think of me as your fairy godmother guiding you on why we should care about our glorious, magnificent, dazzling, breathtaking, mystical, wonderful world!  Also, have you seen the movie Wall-E?  I feel like that's happening to us right now!  If you haven't, here's a quick synopsis: two robots live on Earth in the future which is now a giant trash pit and the humans are all obese and fly around in hover pods drinking gallons of soda and watching TV.  Sometimes Pixar scares me with their accurate predictions.  

I don't want that to happen to us and I bet deep down, you don't either!  Who hasn't had a memorable experience in nature?  A sunset on a beach that took your breath away.  A hike in the mountains breathing in the freshest air.  A view from a national park or epic coastline.  Watching a deer in your back yard.  Seeing your child experience a rainbow or a butterfly or eat dirt and blades of grass.  They aren't picky.  Even though we are humans and live in houses, Earth is our first home.  Everything we need is provided by the earth.  Lemme know if you can live without air.  I will be impressed!  In case you forgot, I provided some personal pictures to prove how hard nature rules:

Big Sur, California.  Soooo damn dreamy.  

Protect the flowers! 

I heart hiking 



As much as I would like to reject any more responsibility in my already full up adult life, I truly believe it is our responsibility to care for our planet.  Whether it's just for your own sake or your children or grandchildren's sake, we should want to pass on all of the beauty and wonder for future generations.  More selfishly, I would still like to go to a beach when I'm 75 and not be wading through garbage and plastic water bottles.  

Hopefully I have moved you to plant 100 trees and start a litter pick up club in your neighborhood. JK.  Honestly though, if I detract one person from throwing their cigarette butts out the window, I'll count it as a win.  This intro has morphed into something a little longer than I intended, but as you can see, I really care about this stuff!  I hope to bring up big issues our Earth is facing and relate them back to why we should care, then incorporate easy ways we can all help.  I want to show you how your own health is connected to the health of our planet and how to improve both.  Education and awareness is the first step.  Followed by consistent, small actions.  

Let's do this!