Reusable Bag Revolution

If you want to see me visibly cringe and have an internal anxiety attack, just watch me walk past someone with their grocery cart overflowing with groceries in plastic bags.  Where the bagger apparently became the Bread Safety Officer and double plastic bagged the bread in case it miraculously turned into a concrete block on the commute home and broke through the bottom.  

I get it, we are usually on auto-pilot at the grocery store.  We read our list, grab the stuff, curse the slow lines, throw the bags in the cart, and high tail it out of there.  At least that's what I do.  While having plastic bags at home are helpful for bathroom trashcan liners and picking up pet poop, I dare you to tell me you don't have some under the sink or corner pantry crevice that is overflowing with plastic bags from the last 3 years. I think we are good on plastic bags.

I truly believe this Simple Swap can make one of the biggest impacts.  Ditch those plastic bags and B.Y.O.B. 

Bring Your Own Bags.  Let me shout it from the rooftops- "BRING YOUR OWN BAAAAAAAGS!!!!!!"


(Two of my favorite reusable bags- both gifts!  People know me so well).

He can never mind his own business. 


In my experience, and one of the biggest complaints I hear, is the hardest part about using reusable bags is remembering to bring the damn things in the first place.  I feel you.  I have been in the self checkout with a ridiculous amount of items stacked in my arms being carried to the car because I forgot my reusable bags.  Here are some helpful hints:

1.) Foldable reusable bags that can fit into a purse or pocket.

My mom got me some of these for a stocking stuffer one year and they legit changed my life.  They fold up so small and can be stashed anywhere!  I always remember to bring one when I travel and keep it in my purse for random purchases and shopping.  These are the best because you don't remember to have to put them back in the car when you are finished.  You can unload your purchases at home and throw them right back in your bag.  Click here for foldable bags that are made with 40% recycled material.  Yay!  Obviously, I must include an Amazon link so you can can Prime those suckers and have them for your next shopping run.  

2.) Put the bags in an obvious place when you are finished with them at home.

 For me, that is on the door knob, so I literally have to move the bags to get out of the door.  I then grab the bags and put them in my car.  Seriously, try to tell me you can't execute that one. 

3.) Stash emergency extras in your car trunk.

Among many other important things like old socks and an electric wine opener with a dead battery, I keep a few of my B list reusable bags in my trunk juuussst in case I haven't followed my own instructions above.  They will save you in a pinch, but don't forget to replace them if you have taken them out!  (See Tip 2).  

4.) Refuse a bag all together if you really don't need one.

Do you really need to put that sweater and pair of shoes from TJ Maxx in a giant plastic bag?  Or can you just carry it to the car and bring it inside?  Speaking of TJ Maxx, they are great about offering reusable bags at checkout.  However, I don't buy another reusable bag just because I forgot mine.  I have tons at home, and buying an additional one for no reason kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion.   


Will you join the Reusable Bag Revolution?  Who's with me!?