Welcome to BusyBody!  I hope while snooping around you landed on this page so I can say hello and tell you a little bit more about what this website and blog are all about.  

I hate to talk about myself too much, but let's start with me, since I am the ruler and benevolent dictator of this domain.  My name is Chelsea Lay and I am a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine.  You can deduce from these certifications that I am pretty interested in wholesome foods that fuel your body so that you can move and be happy, be full of vitality and and energy while skipping on rainbow clouds and petting bunnies.    

But seriously, I am a zealot for all things holistic health, and this passion is also combined with a long standing love for the environment.  In fact, in the second grade I wanted to start a recycling club.  My Earth love roots run deep.  

One day, my Holistic Health Obsession/Exercise Fanaticism side took my Hippie, Spiritual, Earth Love side on a date. They drank a few kombuchas, talked about what to do about single use plastics, bashed people who threw their cigarette butts on the ground, raved about the benefits of organic food, and eventually made sweet love to each other.  Thus, BusyBody was pushed through the birth canal of my mind and onto the interwebs for your information and enjoyment.  

There's one last important element of this beautiful birth, and that is the "Busy" part.  I wanted my tagline to be "conscious health improvement for people that have a lot of other sh*t to do", but my marketing genius friend told me to make it a little more PG.  I compromised, and "conscious convenience for health and home" came to be. 

I want to give you tips, tricks, product recommendations, hacks, and ideas for things you can easily do that will bring health to your body and home, and will also benefit our other home, the Earth.  I don't want you thinking you have to make earthworm farms with your old food scraps or stop shaving your arm pits, or tie yourself to a tree.  I want to provide you with the tools to consciously choose the better option, while simultaneously still have time to do all the other sh*t you need to get done.  I know we are all busy, and I know we can all do better.

 I heard a quote once that said, "small hinges move huge doors".  I truly believe that this principle can be applied to ourselves, and to rehabilitating the planet that has given us so much.  Small changes really can yield big results.