Rose Garden Candles
Rose Garden Candles

Rose Garden Candles

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If you want to be whisked away into the daydream of strolling through a fragrant springtime flower garden even though you are really laying on your couch binge watching HGTV and eating dill pickle potato chips, this is the candle for you.  

The scent is not overpowering and would be perfect for lighting in the bathtub, while reading a book, or having a cozy night in.  You might also want to light it when you are trying to woo your honey.  Yep, I went there.  


Please note that these candles will not smell like a store bought candle that is scented with synthetic fragrance.  These have a subtler smell due to the essential oils, but I try to produce as strong of a scent as I can.  As with all my products, the candles come in upcycled containers.  Your candle might look a little different than the featured photo. 

Each candle will come with a packet of white sage.  White sage is used to purify your space and clear out any negative energies.  Before you light your candle, sprinkle a small amount of sage near the wick.  As your sage begins to smoke, you can say a small blessing such as, " Negative energies and spirits are not welcome in my home.  I welcome only love, light, and positivity within these walls."

Inside each candle is either a Rainbow Fluroite, or Amethyst crystal.  

Amethyst:  From "The Crystal Handbook" by Judy Hall, "Amethyst's vibrations remove subtle dis-ease.  An effective tranquilizer, it helps you understand the source of excellent tool for space clearing or Earth healing, as it absorbs negativity and infuses an area with tranquility."

Rainbow Fluorite: Due to it's rainbow nature, it takes on the properties of many different kinds of Fluorite.  It is a power source that boosts other crystal energies and aids in making important decisions.  It is a great crystal to aid you in meditation.